We provide complex legal and economic advice in the field of insolvency law.
Preparation of analysis of possible effects of bankruptcy declaration or restructuring approval.
Preparation of restructuring opinions, applications for restructuring approvals, restructuring plans, applications to declare bankruptcy as well as lodging claims at bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings.
Representation of interests of creditors in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings, including lawsuits induce by these proceedings.


The objective of BANKRUPTCY & RECOVERY SERVICE, k.s. as an insolvency trustee is to collectively consolidate proprietary matters of the debtor and to ensure maximum proportional satisfaction of the creditors.

Bankruptcy – liquidation process whereby the assets of the debtor are liquidated and the proceeds are distributed collectively between its creditors, proportionally between unsecured creditors or separately for secured creditors as regulated by the Act no. 7/2005 Coll. on Bankruptcy and Restructuring as amended.

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We act as a liquidator in order to liquidate the assets of the company in a timely, effective and cost efficient manner. If over-indebtedness is detected, it immediately files for bankruptcy of the company.

Liquidation is a legally regulated process of out of court settlement of proprietary relationships of a company, which leads to the closure of business and the dissolution of the company. The purpose of liquidation is to clarify proprietary relationships of the dissolving company and settle them.

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Debt Relief

BANKRUPTCY & RECOVERY SERVICE, k.s. acts as a court appointed insolvency trustee in the process of debt discharge, whereby natural persons can discharge their debts after the bankruptcy proceedings are finished.

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As an appointed insolvency trustee we prepare restructuring opinions in the process of restructuring – the process of saving the company in state of insolvency or imminent insolvency, whereby the creditors and the debtor agree on a plan to perform restructuring and satisfy the claims of the creditors which participated in the process.

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